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Stenter machines manufactured by us are power savers known for their reliability, efficiency and high level of output. They are made for heavy duty conditions and are ideal textile stenter machines. They have a special hot air system which helps in high speed air circulation and easy drying of the fabric.
Why one should buy stenter machines from us.

Stenter Machines
  • Close circuit air circulation chamber
  • Wide internal space of chamber for easy cleaning
  • Zig-Zag arrangement of motors
  • Heavy duty heat exchanger are used for more drying capacity
  • Overfeed digitally controlled (optional)
  • +/-2% deviation from left to right temperature for uniform heating in nozzle
  • Highly polished cast iron rails of self lubricating material for minimum wear at high speed
  • Individual exhaust duct for quick removal of gases from each chamber
  • Minimum heat loss to the atmosphere
  • Efficient exhaust system for humidity control
  • Easy conversion from oil to gas or gas to oil heating
  • Rapid heat setting and drying fabric
  • Blower impeller for high velocity air circulation resulting in increase of production
  • Easy online filter cleaning
  • Lubricated or non-lubricated (graphite fibre) chain for easy convey of fabric with minimum wear (optional)
Stenter Machines

  • The control board " Cockpit" gives all the information regarding machine controls
  • User friendly machine controls

Overfeed & Underfeed Drive
  • AC inverter drive for overfeed with the range of -10% to +40% is achievable
  • Chain drive for zero slippage
Overfeed &  Underfeed Drive

Main Chain
  • Chain link made of high carbon steel with good tensile strength
  • Sintered bronze liners
  • Pressure dye casted Aluminum alloy pin block
  • Hardened and hard chromed plated pin bar
Main Chain

Pinning Unit
  • Our Pinning Units are suitable for almost all fabric conditions by setting feeler head for photoelectric touch type.
  • Three fingure selvedge uncurled for opening the curled selvedge.
  • Shorter distances between the treadle and the pinning roller result in easier working.
  • Perfect fabric holding and pinning by electronic infrared edge sensor with Rack and Pinion arrangement system.
Pinning Unit

  • Insulation panels of mineral wool for less heat loss
  • Chambers are designed such that minimum heat loss occurs

Chamber Frame
  • Steel fabricated close circuit chamber with oil heated spiral fin type heat exchanger.
  • Wide space inside the chamber for easy cleaning.
Chamber Frame

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